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Training Philosophy


         My Training Philosophy


There are number of components that I have found will lead to a great relationship with your dog.

Leadership and structure

are very important keys to having a healthy, happy dog.  The way your dog views you has an impact on the structure in your household.  Respect and trust go hand in hand with one another. Both the owner as well as the dog must learn and earn respect and trust in order for the relationship to work. They will follow the leader because leader will provide good, shelter, exercise and direction.


is also an important key in controlling undesirable behavior. Dog must have some sort of outlet for all their energy.  It can be a going for a walk or game of Fetch or even a Find It game which will stimulate the senses of smell. They need to have something constructive to do in order to behave in your home.

Time and Patience

Your dog will need these the most. You will need to find time in your everyday routine that the dog will fit in.  Practice obedience commands throughout the day by having him sit before being fed and sitting before going in and out of house. Being patience is most important when dealing with our dogs they need and rely on us for all their needs.

Find what motivates the dog. 

Every dog is different and is motivated by different things.  Some are motivated by food treats others by toys or even attention. Find out what makes your dog tick. Do More with your dog!!!


I am a Force Free and  Positive Reinforcement base dog instructor which means I use methods which are based on operant conditioning, the science of how animals learn.  Positive reinforcement includes a variety of methods such as lure/reward, shaping and capturing as well as clicker training. Which are paired with food, toys, praise and/or play.  It rewards the dog for choosing behavior that is more rewarding. There will be no need to force the dog to perform. We will find what motivates the dog and then allow him to make the decision of what behavior is going to be more rewarding.


Positive training is building a bond between you and your dog through teamwork. Dogs respond to positive training because of several reasons.  Once you establish that bond with your canine companion you have a dog that is motivated to please you and your family.  Understanding this need to please, will help you learn how to use positive training methods to get results that last.

I also believe that socialization is also an important key for your dog health and mental stability. Exposing your dog in a positive way to different dogs, people and things on a daily bases will help your dog lead a better life with your family. Though each exposure your dog will learn that the world is not such a scary place with you by his/her side. The dog will look to you for assurance.

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