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Marta changed our lives . Our dog Brownie is a changed dog. You need to give training a chance. Don't give up after a few weeks. Training requires determination and endurance on the part of the owner. We were in training with Marta for over 6 weeks. We have extended that knowledge and training into our morning and evening walks, and it is such a pleasure to walk now. What a difference a couple of months make. It is worth the time. We are happier. Brownie is happier. We look forward to many wonderful years ahead with him. Give Marta a chance to change your life and the life of your beloved pet. Jill Lipson

Marta Ruela from Ahead of the Pack Dog Training is a great trainer.  Upon getting my puppy at 4 months old I was confident that I was above the need for a trainer especially having adopted such an easily trainable breed.  However, I learned after a few nights of no sleep and some serious leash issues that I was the one who needed training. 

When I called Marta the first time she gave me pointers on how to get my pup to sleep through the night without having to exhaust her or me.  At this point, I think my husband was on his way to giving me the ultimatum:  "either me or the dog". 

Shortly after our first talk, Marta came to my house and helped me get my puppy to adjust to her new life.  We went over sit, come, crate training, potty training, and leash etiquette.  Once she graduated from puppy training we then moved onto the obedience training.  Marta adjusted her teaching style to what we wanted out of our pup. 

Marta uses positive reinforcement to provoke good behavior out of her dogs and works hard to train you, the owner, on how to get the dog to learn.  She gives you great advice regarding vets, medications, and at home remedies as well.  Once to twice a week she holds a puppy play class where Sophie and all her pals who are the same age can get together and romp in a controlled and safe environment.  She helps us out by watching our pup when we have to leave town and takes her in as though she is one of her own. She has given us advice on how to prepare Sophie for a new baby in the house and has referenced a number of books and specialty trainers to aid in this endeavor.

Sophie is a great dog and companion to both me and my husband.  Of course every dog has its day and she does frustrate us at times, but overall she is a wonderfully trained, independent dog who receives compliments all the time as to how well behaved she is.

I can't thank Marta enough for what she has done to help this family adjust to the life and love of a puppy. We couldn't be happier!

Tina, Andy, Charlie, and Sophie

Sophie and her buddies@camp Marta

Marta has been absolutely amazing to work with!  We adopted our Golden Retriever, Bailey and relied heavily on Marta’s training to teach him basic obedience, day to day behavior, and how to be more social with other dogs.  She has a true gift in working with dogs and in training their owners too, realizing what special personalities they each have.  After knowing her for the last 10 years, she continues to use her knowledge to teach us all new things and loves Bailey as if he were her own.  I have recommended her to many of my friends and they have always been pleased with her technical expertise, knowledge, abilities, and the end results. All of her training is done with a kind heart and high level of caring for the animals she works with.   No matter what needs you have, Marta can help ensure you have a happy and well behaved dog and that you understand how to continue to train to keep it that way.  I am forever grateful for all that Marta has done to help us!   Heather DuBois 


Bailey was my first Dog that I trained

Marta was wonderful to work with when we adopted our rescue poodle mix, Dash.  First she helped our whole family understand the "psychology" of a rescue dog which enabled us to relax a little and gain lots of confidence.  Then she worked with each member of our family (even our four-year-old) to teach us how to teach Dash basic commands, and most importantly, helped us help Dash alleviate his separation anxiety.  I am not sure we would have been able to commit to the adoption without Marta's knowledge and expertise.  I am thrilled to report that now we have a happy, active, and psychologically healthy canine family member!     Kim   Dash’s Mom


Mr Dash snug as a rug in his bed

As a dog owner for 12 years, I feel I know the rights and wrongs of raising a puppy to adulthood to be friendly, social, obedient and well-mannered.  However, often times there are situations where what I want my dog to do isn’t getting across, leading to frustration which just increases the problem.  As a shelter volunteer, many times there are issues with the animals as far as leash-walking, jumping, aggressive play, and shyness to name a few.  Marta regularly gives advice in each problem area and I can attest to the fact that when her recommendations are followed consistently, issues become resolved.  My personal dog has benefited from Marta’s training tips making for a happy dog and an even happier owner!  Regardless of any kind of problem with your dog, Marta’s experience and knowledge will get both owner and dog back on the right track.          Sue Seitler

Jack, Muphee and Snickers

taking a rest from playing

                Ahead of the Pack Training was the best thing I ever did for my dogs and my family.  I chose MARTA and Ahead of the Pack because I met her at the shelter where she volunteers once a week.  She helped me decide that day to adopt our second dog and I am so glad we did.  After that, I contacted her to come to our home.  Her techniques are dog friendly, are easy to follow and if you practice them daily really work.  That is key; YOU have to do your part.  I am amazed at how much our two learned from Marta.  She is amazing and I would definitely recommend her services.

Lisa...Murphee and Jack


Oliver AKA Ollie first haircut

Marta, and the training she provided was so important to the well being of my household and especially me. Ollie, my Golden doodle, was the largest dog I had ever had, and in some ways I was not comfortable, maybe even somewhat afraid. Marta  is the reason I was able to understand how he thought, what he needed, expected and explained everything I needed to be able to train and enjoy the experience. I highly recommend her. She makes training fun and at the very same time she is dead serious about making sure you totally understand how to handle things after she leaves your home. I am sure you will love her as we do!   Joan  charlotte,nc


Rusty and his Best Friend Milo

                                                                                                                 I adopted Rusty from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Shelter at the beginning of October.  I was a first time dog owner and the first week with him was driving me crazy.  I called one of the contacts at the Animal Shelter to explain my issues and she gave me Marta's number.  I called her and she came to my house for a free consultation.  After she worked with Rusty for an hour, I knew she could help Rusty become a more obedient dog and help me become a more disciplined owner.  Four months later, Rusty is now listening 100 times better than he did when I adopted him.  Thanks to Marta and Ahead of the Dog Pack Training, I am a happy dog owner now!  Richard LaPradd


I was in my vet's office and saw the brochure for Ahead of the Pack Dog Training & Care and put it in my purse.  My dog was 9 months old and out of control but I just thought my husband and I could handle him.  I received a phone call at work from my husband because the dog had chewed or broke something and my husband was at his wits end.  I took out the brochure looked up the website and filled out the questionnaire and really didn't think I would hear from anyone right away.  Well that night I received a call from Marta and we chatted and I told her we needed help training this out of control dog.  After talking to Marta I felt that maybe there is some hope for this dog after all.  We set up a time to for Marta to come over meet our dog and see if she could help us.   As I was writing the check for our sessions I thought to myself that this is probably  a waste of money because my dog was not going to listen to anyone.  To my surprise just after 2 sessions I could start seeing a difference in my dog.  He actually listened to me and my husband.  I kept calling Marta the Dog Whisperer.  I was truly amazed at the training my dog received and the way my dog reacted to Marta.  Not only did Marta train our dog she actually trained us on how to handle him.  I am very grateful for the training we received and enjoy the moments with my dog!   I will tell anyone who asks me about dog training that Marta is the one to call.  Thank you Marta from Scott, Carol & Cody!

I adopted Candy from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Shelter on October 2nd. With Candy being my first dog and with her being a rescued dog, I knew it would be best to have professional trainer work with both of us. A close friend referred me Marta (Ahead of the Pack Dog Training) and after speaking to Marta on the phone, I could tell she genuinely loves and cares about all dogs. After Marta explained to me the training course, the price, and how training takes place at the owner’s home, I knew Marta was the perfect trainer. Candy and I receive numerous compliments of how well behaved Candy is. Training was a success and I am glad I chose Ahead of the Pack Dog Training.  I have referred several neighbors to Marta and I will continue to refer others in the future!  Thanks Marta, Marcus and Candy


Coco Playing Fetch with Lizzie

We found Ahead of the Pack Dog Training through a friend in the neighborhood.  From the first phone call, I knew that Marta loved dogs!  She took the time to understand our concerns and worked out a plan that fit our family’s needs.  Her patience with our dog and family members was exceptional.  (Most of the time she needed more patience with the humans than the dog!)  Marta recognized that some training techniques were not going to work for us and she tailored a plan to work with us.  our rescue Beagle mix began making changes immediately and with reinforcement from the family between visits, we saw lasting results.  I would recommend Marta to any new dog owner.  We are so thankful for her help in guidance!   Lisa Coco Mom



If you have ever asked yourself "What am I going to do with this dog"? We can definitely relate to each other. Marta came to our house to help us introduce our puppies to the art of walking together without pulling! Of course we had other issues too but this was our main focus since we wanted to enjoy public appearances with our 3 babies. Thanks to Marta's patience and genuine love for dogs we were able to achieve this task.

We are very grateful to Marta for being so caring and passionate about what she does.

The Aljaber Family



After she failed puppy kindergarten it was suggested that I take my active mixed lab, Claudette, for private lessons.  After having an unpleasant session with a trainer that used the shock collar to train, I know this was not something I wanted to do.  I wanted a positive method of training.  My daughter had won a free lesson with Ahead of the Pack Dog Training and believing no one could train my out of control dog encouraged me to let Marta come to my home and at least give it a try.  Other wise it was “Mom, you need to find a home for this dog before she hurts you.”  When Marta came to the house I knew right away I liked her way of training.  So I signed up.

Before training with Marta, Claudette would slip out the door and be off to explore the neighborhood, refusing to come when called.  Now, thanks to Marta, she comes when I whistle, even at the dog park when she is playing with other dogs.  I can take her for a walk and enjoy it. No more running down the street like I have a giant windmill behind me..  Marta has taught her so much.  Best of all, she has not only trained Claudette but is training me to become the leader of my dog.  This is not easy because I still want to treat Claudette as a child.  But Marta did not give up on Claudette (known as the wild thing) and has not given up on me. Thanks Marta for helping me to have a most enjoyable life with my Claudette..                                             Claudette Proud Momma

Here is one of the 'Crazy', jumping ball of madness that you have got under control with your caring, gently persuasive training methods!


We fell in love with a crazy, neurotic, jumping ball of fur who had no social skills with humans or dogs alike (We are still working on socializing with smaller critters but hey she's only just over a year!) & 6 months later our perfect playmate & family member is shining through with the clear training tools Marta installed in our family. Our baby - Whoopi-Anne has developed a very clear human sigh when she realizes the consistent training methods are not going to let her get away with jumping up at us, stealing things & any other unacceptable behavior - She respects the fairness in the training & reward without harsh voices or 'control'. 

We love Marta & Whoopi-Anne loves Marta!

The Kiernan Clan

Charlotte, NC

 Marta Ruela ABC Certified Dog Trainer 704-905-3697704-905-3697