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Ahead of The Pack Dog Training Offers a number of Training Options.

I will work with You to customize a training plan that fit your  needs. Dogs are never too young or too old to learn .

My In Home Training Programs offer a variety of benefits

Its Convenient for you and your family.

No driving to weekly group classes.

Great for dogs that are stressed in different environments.

Quick and effective dog training with minimize distractions.

Highly affordable pricing.

Discounts for multiple dogs in the same home.

Free Follow-up for the Life of the Dog.

If you do not see a course that fits your needs, please call and I will gladly discuss your options.

Behavior Modification Program

Includes private in home consultations and assessment of behavior issues

This course specializes in finding solutions for behavior issues that will need behavior modification. Unlike dog Obedience training Course where we teach the dog to perform a specific task when requested, Behavior Modification looks how to change the dog reactions to specific stimuli.

Resource Guarding, Counter Surfing, Jumping up, Reactivity on leash,Pulling on Leash, Recall Issues,Barking,Mouthing,Chewing and Separation Anxiety

Because length of training plan for above issues can vary so can cost. Please call to discuss pricing for this program.

There is a flat $95.00 For assessment.


Basic Obedience/Manners training course is geared for Dogs 6M up

Includes private in home consultation and assessment

Private in home Obedience Training and consulting

  6 sessions    each session  60 minutes      

The following commands will be taught on leash in your home

sit  sit/stay

Recall(Come Command)

watch me

down  down/stay

leave it/ drop it  

heel and loose leash

place or Go to Mat

Cost         $595

Refresher Course and Problem Solving  

Includes private in home consultation and assessment

4 sessions   60  minute each           

This course will deal with most common behavior issues and solutions. This course is meant for dogs that have had some type of training but need more guidance and refresher lessons

Cost        $499.99

Day Training

Customized Program for Families that need extra help training obedience and solve behavioral issues in home.

Please call to see if this program might benefit you and your dog.

Base Package starts at 100.00

Puppy Course is geared for puppies under six 5M of age

Includes 6 private in home sessions with the trainer.

This course is geared for families that want the personal attention and direction right from the start AT HOME with their new puppy. Included in this package is weekly follow up phone consulting.


Course will cover:

What to expect from your puppy until he/she ready for basic obedience

Introduction to crate

Setting up housebreaking schedule

Setting up feeding schedule

Discussion on how to properly socialize the new puppy 

Choosing appropriate chewing tools

Introduction to the sit and come and leave it commands

Cost             $574.99

Dog/Puppy Meet up socialization sessions

Location TBA      $25.00 per dog

discount given if brought ahead of meetup in groups of 5 or more passes

Board and Train

From time to time I will take on cases that need more hands on training in my home.

Please inquire to see if your dog would benefit from this arrangement. .........Space is limited.

1.Visiting dogs will have the opportunity to be in home environment and have personal hands on training.

2.Dogs must be crate trained since there are resident cats that need their space.

3.Dog will have access to back yard throughout the day to play and socialize with other dogs as well as resident dogs. 

4.All visiting dogs Must have been introduced to resident dogs and attended dog socialization session prior to overnight stay.  

5.All dogs must be current on all vaccines and have had the bordella shot  


Please inquire about pricing for Board and Train programs

Please inquire about my training discounts for Rescues

Please call or email me with any questions

Marta Ruela 704-905-3697704-905-3697